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This infographic, reveals the top export routes of seven major nations showing where the money is flowing and how important each trading partner is to that country

The espression "Europlanning" is refered to the activites related to: production, drafting, presentation and reporting of European Project , those are funding proposal refered to the European Union.
The challenge represented by European funds, their knowledge and their use does not simply concern the application of innovative planning techniques, is more related to the vision of the future we have of Italy and of Europe and of all public actors and private that our future behaviour will contribute to create.
Fot this reason we think that the strategic planning activity is necessary to make sense of the individual fund-raising activities, within the framework of the objectives of an organization.
This is a process that involves the organization in the development, implementation and evaluation of the mission, the economic objectives, the best strategies to achieve the objectives and to menage properly human, technical and economic resources.

Francesco Varrà Consulting provides assistance in the early phases of projects, from the feasibility study to the development of the objectives and project activities up to the preparation of the forms which should be presented to the institutions responsible for financing evaluation.